Wednesday, March 31, 2010

MAITRI 2010.. The excitement begins!!!

Gear up for the biggest Indian cultural extravaganza - MAITRI 2010 organized by the Graduate Indian Student Organization at University of Houston. Join us for an evening of fun and frolic!!  Bring along your friends and family to witness a colorful blend of Melodious Songs, Soulful Music, Exotic Dances, a Trendy Fashion Show & lots of other surprises in store, and end the evening with a delicious Indian dinner!! Come and enjoy the incredible performances of some of the finest talents in University of Houston!!

The Counselor General of India - Mr. Sanjeev Arora will be heading the proceedings of the event as the Chief Guest for the evening.

Also enjoy the Arts & Crafts Exhibition at the entrance of the event.

Date:     Saturday, April 10
Time:     5.30pm onwards
Venue:  Cullen Performance Hall
             University of Houston
Ticket:   $8   (Online)        
             $10 (Box Office)

Hurry!! Follow this link & buy your online ticket today!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour 2010

Its time to switch off you lights on Saturday March 27, 2010 and show your support for a better Earth!!

Climate change is the biggest cause of concern for the modern world. Please make your small contributions in saving Planet Earth!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Little Things..

Chatting endlessly with friends helps you realize stuff, and then, of course like it were planned, we return to the routine we whine about. A routine in itself one might say.

Kartik was struggling to find a topic the other day for one of his articles. Of course, I am of no help, but did criticize him for writing something, for lack of a better word, oh so serious. Toyota recall something something it was.

Frankly, I am so tired of reading these things (sorry TK). We are so consumed by all of this, its plain ridiculous. Death here, corruption there. Recall here, bonus there. Granted these are important things. Granted these are things that are part of that happiness we all yearn for. But would it kill someone to write something, happy? Like how they spent the day on the porch drinking coffee, reading a book and enjoying that down time. I am sure the editor wouldn't like something like this, but you get the feel of it. I can't think good thoughts anymore, for fear of them being crumpled by future bad incidents. Must be prepared for anything, and thus ruin that little peace . Anil, was to say the least, frustrated with this line of thinking- "Can't you be happy for once- happy for no reason to add onto that?" I paused for a moment, in shock to add to that, cause I never thought that I was doing something wrong. It was natural, it was the way one should think. That what if was already in my line.

We are so consumed by these, at least I know I am, that we work towards avoiding something that might happen, versus working towards that simplicity we've been cribbing about since lord knows when.

Yours truly, will go back to the routine within a couple of time units(unspecified cause I don't want to give you false hope). But here's to at least trying....

-Shreyasee Das

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Simpler times - University of Houston was on the waiting list of schools to get access to Facebook. And when it did, we had to strictly use UH email. Imagine the number of people flocking to the IT dept to start using their UH email. Good times..

I used to be one of those fanatics who made sure they could tell everyone what was going on, finding every one of my friends on there, following them (no not stalking them). I liked facebook.

And then .... it got complicated. It became this myriad of quizzes, of farmville, of fishville (god give extra time to these people, since they know not that they have sinned), of mafiawars, of craziness. And I began to detest it. It is an addiction - an inelastic demand that I am trying to turn into an elastic one, if only that were possible, considering I am in grad school.

Facebook has A.D.D.- what happened to it being a social network place- now its so ANNOYING, to say the least. Everyday its layout changes. Everyday its privacy stuff changes. Everyday its new. Everyday I check it I go I miss the old facebook.

I really do. I used to hope for a better interface, and look what I got. Please Mark Zuckerberg , please don't make any more changes. Please. I am tired of hiding friends, and hiding quizzes and random smiles I get from people.

Please please please - pretty please

- Shreyasee Das