Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Learning From Houston!

Life takes a completely new route once you leave India and come to Houston. Same old lines and same clich├ęs to begin with! So what do I begin with? Well, I will begin with two things about Houston that fascinated me the most.

Like every student living off campus I too take the Metro everyday to reach college. In my initial days here I was shocked one day to see a female bus driver! Yes, the Indian in me is not used to such sights!  And I was filled with fascination at first and later on with admiration. We proclaim girls are catching up in every field but what is the reality? How many of us have seen female traffic inspectors or bus drivers or for that matter female police inspectors in India?  Very few may be. Frankly, I had not seen any. Agreed that these numbers are increasing in India too but it’s a long journey as of now. So for the beginning, I raise a salute to all the minority of women in India who are coming forward to take the less travelled routes! You go girls!

Another heart warming incident that shook the Indian in me happened yesterday. At one stop in the journey to college in the bus, the driver stopped the bus at a stop. All of a sudden, he got up from his seat, lowered the floor of the bus and helped a person with disability to embark on the bus. He fastened a belt with the man’s wheel chair and asked him if he was comfortable. After making sure that he had done his job satisfactorily he started driving again. Well, sensitivity towards people with disabilities is one area that our country needs a lot to do about. Here, we find separate reserved parking spaces, special accommodations in even the washroom made for people with special needs. That gesture speaks volumes about the sensitivity level of the community. This is one change for which I would like to work once I go back to our country. Even if on a small level we can show that persons different from us are also part of us, that would truly be a service to the great nation we come from. 
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Monday, July 28, 2014

Houston!!Your second home :)

Houston!!Your second home.

Before I actually start writing this, I want to give a heads up on a few words which are said in a different way here.
INDIA                                USA
Petrol                                 Gas
Trash Can                          Dustbin
Toilet                                  Restroom
Lift                                      Elevator
Bill                                      Check
Shop                                   Store
Spectacles                          Glasses
Tire Puncture                       Flat Tire
Pin Code                             Zip code
Tissue                                 Napkin

The temperature today is currently 96F, 4F short of 100. Pretty soon it will reach 100. Houston is very hot during summer and I do not like the winters here. It rains, is windy and is too cold during winters. For some one who gratifies going deep into the blanket and putting on layers of clothes, just wait for January!  :D
And at times it gets unpredictable. Sunny in the morning, rains like cats and dogs in the afternoon and is cold during the night.
Welcome to Houston :D
Our campus is located at the eastern side of Houston. Lot of options to commute
 The campus is not an architecture marvel but has everything you need. I am not going to say anything much about it,I will let you to explore it.

The best thing about Houston is that, you will find a lot of Indians and get quickly accustomed to the place and the people.
You get all types of Indian grocery, a 4 packet Maggie is 1.79$, Easiest thing to cook :D . I am not really good with numbers but there must be around 50 Indian restaurants in and around Houston:D
Be it Diwali , Holi or any other Indian Festival it is celebrated here. Temples are there; ISCKON opened recently.
Delhi, Bombay, Hyderabad or Houston Cricket follows us. We might not have a cricket ground but there is a small court in Holly hall where we play. They even host league matches and is real fun. I played last year and enjoyed it thoroughly :)
Seniors will help you in initial stages with your groceries and other stuffs. These are some of the important things which I think you might require when you move in to your apartments,
A Table
Few Chairs
Iron box
A wifi connection
There a few others things , I am don't remember it at the moment.
Be it SRK, Mahesh Babu, Dhanush every one's movie is played in theaters here. Tickets cost around 8-12$ :D
Houston has been great to me. It has given me a lot of good friends and experiences. I for sure can tell you that it will be a home away from home for you guys also.

PS: Pack your bags, get on the flight. Do not worry much :)
       Be on the lookout, you might get a free red Tshirt every month :)

- Karthik Thiyagarajan :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Maitri 2011 Teaser Video

You don't want to miss it :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

It's going to be LEGEN....wait for it....DARY

Maitri 2011 is here - the countdown has begun :D . You have no business not going there :)

See you on April 9th, at 5:30 pm at the Cullen Performance Hall at University of Houston. You don't want to miss out on the fun - and well of course, there's gonna be food ;)

For tickets, visit http://www.tickets2events.com/maitri2011.asp

See you there