Monday, October 13, 2014

When the world needed me,
I stood strong,
But today, I am falling apart,
And the world moves on.
They tell time heals everything,
but, the time has stopped it seems,
Smile was the most attractive curve on me,
Now, I sob even in my dreams.
When I try to collect the broken pieces of my heart,
I die in sorrow and loneliness.
They say, forget it and live,
But, I am still drowned in forlornness.
That dependence, that affection,
That promise of a lifetime togetherness,
Blocks me where I was with you,
With our silence and bliss of solitariness.
I feel like I am being ruined,
And for me it’s like slow poisoning,
I need you in my life,
But, day by day your hatred is blossoming.
You said, dream more,
Being happy is nice!
Seems like lying to myself,
Forgetting all your lies.
And I don’t dare to dream anymore,
All past dreams shattered like glass,
When the heart breaks repeatedly,
I can’t fix it, although your time seems to pass.

The emptiness you left for me for being a living corpse,
There is no more reason to smile any longer,
For me the lifetime seems to have shorten,
Without you, I walk alone, apparently even STRONGER!

--Srijani Mukherjee