Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Good life begins with gratitude!

Fewer things in life make you ponder over more than a good movie. Well, writing a movie review is not my forte but some movies are so compelling that no matter how unemotional or how controlled a person you are, they make you sit upright and think! That’s what happened when I saw the movie “The good lie”. It is based on true incidents depicting the after effects of war on Sudan and how the people who get left behind as survivors have to wage a constant war to keep surviving.

For most of us, who have been born and brought up in the security and comfort of a home and parents it gets difficult to imagine a world where there is no certainty of survival. A world where you do not know if you would wake up awake or perish in your sleep, a world where all you think of is how do I dodge this bullet to live? That is the kind of world that exists parallel to our world. The movie revolves around the fate of a small group of young kids left homeless and orphaned by the war. These kids survive amidst deaths of their family and friends. They are determined to live even if it means compromises like swallowing your own urine to survive. Yes, makes you nauseous even in thought. But that is the reality for many around the world. That is the kind of nightmarish life they lead.

Despite all odds, these kids nurture dreams to be educated, dreams to live normally among the millions of other people. The right to be educated, the right to eat good food, the right to sleep peacefully, these are the things bestowed to all of us yet appreciated by how many?

We curse the bus when it is late by a minute, we curse the education system when we are burdened with assignments, and we curse our room mates who do not get along with us for making our lives miserable! What happens when you compare these miseries to the ones that actually matter? Imagine the variance in the magnitudes and realize how blessed a life you live!

If your day does not start with the thought “Will I live today?” appreciate the life you are leading. Many would die to be in your place. Every time you throw left over food in the dustbin, think of someone who could use it to curb his hunger. Every time you raise your voice to complain, sit and think of the parallel world. The world is beautiful and if you have a chance to be a part of it, be a beautiful and happy part that the world is happy to have!



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