Saturday, February 27, 2010

All is Well

There is something very powerful in this phrase which has caught on with Indians like wildfire, thanks to movie- 3 Idiots. The very thought that "sab theek hojayega" gives you a sense of reassurance and a confidence that at the end of the day, no matter how messed up you are, there is always a good plan in store for you! So, if you feel miserable with your situation, just be patient, don't lose hope and say All is Well!! Trust me, it really works..

The movie also provides a hilarious but thought-provoking insights into discovering your true passions and pursuing them. The sense of satisfaction which comes from doing what you love, makes your work a playtime. Very few of us are lucky to pursue their dreams, most of us are satisfied with a job that gives you a name tag and a paycheck. A good example would be the life of Chetan Bhagat who gave up his hefty paying job to start off as a writer and he still ended up being a millionaire. Its all about being true to yourself which matters rather than agreeing to people around you. Don't be afraid to follow a different path. When you have the capability of pursuing that one goal, success automatically pursues you.

All said and done, I do believe that miracles happen in real life. When you truly want something, God shows you the path in his own silent ways. So never give up on your hope. Begin each day with a prayer to thank God for the wonderful life he has given you so far and a bright smile to let the world know that you are the best!! And meanwhile, don't forget to keep your true friends close to you. They are your support wherever you go, whatever you do, so make sure you always make them feel special! Be there for them when they need you, give them the love and care they deserve and you'll find that All is Well!!

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bhushy said...

A beautiful art that has got the form so say All Izzzz well... I love to say this and its so true to keep your friends always close to you because Ek Jaadu Ki Jhappi and you find situation under control.