Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Collection of Thoughts.....

These are some random thoughts that went across my mind over a period of time. Most of them flew between the ears during graduate school classes and possibly are partially responsible for my grades. It’s amazing that the brain has power to think on such issues involuntarily. Please read them, enjoy them if you can and feel free to add more. I will keep adding more as and when they traverse the brain space.

1. What is to be an Indian (if asked to mention in 3 words)?
a. Diversity, Education and Peace

2. Traveling, crossing large water bodies or spanning the skies just for the heck of pleasure is imperative. There lies humility, respect and austerity.

3. God does not exist, belief does. Imposing a belief or an attempt to change one was and will be a violent conflict.

4. Law books of all nations taken together enlist or indicate half the number of directions in which civilized humans can think. Remaining half are left for the crooks.

5. In war let humans perish, but not their creations. For when, some see those, they would realize that indeed war is not a good solution after all.

6. History is created by the best or by the worst. Rest of them are just the text that fall under these rubrics.

7. In school I learned to believe, “I can achieve the impossible.” At work I did the impossible!

8. An education that required a student to show the will and give full dedication for a lifetime
now requires just the bill and 90 minutes of dedication!

9. White is a combination of different colors. Take one off and white exists to cease.

10. Let appreciation precede criticism. Creation is always dear to the creator.

11. To reverse a system of levers that operate in unison one has few options:
a. Be the largest lever in the system
b. Be outside the system and wielding the right tools
c. Breakdown in the process

12. “In this country let a man be judged by what he does and not by who his father was”, Col. Chamberlain.

13. “Love is not gazing at each other, but is looking in the same direction” Source Unknown

14. “An unjust law is not a law at all, and it is my right, infact duty to resist it. I have two options violence or civil disobedience. You should pray that I chose the latter.” ~ Dialogue from The Great Debaters

15. Its human to colonize, consume and leave to decay. It's just a matter of time and methods used.

16. We are more passionate about borders, than the person standing next to us. Only the brave (soldiers) can think of both passionately.

17. Credit history can be rebuilt, not credibility!

~Vikram Shete


The Darker Knight \/(.ô.)\/ said...

"It’s amazing that the brain has the power to think on such 'random' issues involuntarily" 'during the class' - completely agree on that one - but try not have a eureka moment and blurt this out to your prof in the middle of the class :D

Vikram said...

haha.. sure dude.. but i am sure the profs wud be proud that i just dont hibernate.. the brains working ... and thats what universities are for "expanding the horizons of brain!!!"

The Darker Knight \/(.ô.)\/ said...

in that case, if and when you become a prof , I would love to be your student ... and I don't mind waiting :D