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Dautya (March 2008)

Welcoming the Khators

On behalf of the Graduate Indian Student Organization, it gives me great pleasure in welcoming Dr.Renu Khator and Dr.Suresh Khator.
Dr Renu Khator, an India-born US citizen, has been endorsed as the new president of the University of Houston (UH) and chancellor of the UH System chosen from a field of roughly 200 candidates. In her capacity as chancellor, Dr.Khator will be overseeing a system with

By Srinath Sathyamurthy

Maitri 2008

Poster unveiled(view)

Tickets available at

Let the jabbing begin

Let the Jabbing Begin?

Come election year, a lot of us eagerly wait for the various Jib Jab election videos; parodies of the differences amongst the two presidential candidates, including them going at each other. Hilarious as they are, some of them do carry important information. Given the amount of election publicity Houston has had the last two weeks, what with Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton, accompanied by their better halves, making pit stops in our city and at the University, you might be wondering how I could make such a mistake, thinking that it is time for the videos to come out already.(more)

By Shreyasee Das

Anubhav Cup

Dear friends,
We are pleased to inform you that Anubhav Cup 2008 has been completed with Sarang's "Go Coogs" beating Srinath's Chennai Veerans in the Finals.

Congrats Go Coogs.

Rajakumar's "Cheateerz" finished 3rd ahead of Mihir's Param Ashta which finished 4th. Hard Luck to Holly Rockers who missed out a birth in the semi finals due to a difference in

By Srinath Sathyamurthy

Jodha Akbar

Ok. Let me generalize here. Most of us are engineers who have always hated history classes (not me though). Most of us probably never cared about what happened in 1556 AD. Even when it comes to films, we prefer Matrix to Gladiator. But Ashutosh Gowarikar’s Jodha Akbar had a mix that most of us couldn’t resist. He was aiming for his hattrick ( after Lagaan and Swadesh) with the batsman ( the audience) being surrounded by close-in fielders like Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya Rai, AR Rahman, stunning Cinematography, and of course(more)

By Kranti Kumar

Big Bang in a Lab

Aeons before humans started to gaze into the star studded sky and tried to gauge the depths and mysteries hidden in the gigantic universe and reasoning the most basic philosophical questions of our existence. Who are we? Why are we on Earth? Is there more than one Earth? What are the basic laws governing the universe? What are we made of? And many more fascinating questions to ponder upon.(more)

By Anupam Prakash

Spicy potato for the beginner!!

Dinner for 4 (for those who hog mercilessly. May be scaled down as per requirement)

Approximately 20 mins

Ingredients (marked with * are mandatory, rest is optional but its better to add those or more, for taste)(more)

By Vikram Shete

My Space

Yes. This is your space in the newsletter. We start by inviting everyone to send us their memorable photos taken in India or during the more recent Spring Break. Share your experience and emotions with us and get featured on Dautya!! (more)


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