Saturday, March 15, 2008

Let the jabbing begin

Let the Jabbing Begin?

Come election year, a lot of us eagerly wait for the various Jib Jab election videos; parodies of the differences amongst the two presidential candidates, including them going at each other. Hilarious as they are, some of them do carry important information. Given the amount of election publicity Houston has had the last two weeks, what with Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton, accompanied by their better halves, making pit stops in our city and at the University, you might be wondering how I could make such a mistake, thinking that it is time for the videos to come out already.

Well I am not. Ever since Sen. Obama went on the chopping block right before the Texas and Ohio primaries, and soon after the results were announced, the political scenario hasn’t been the same ever since. It’s a fight to the finish like never before. Sen. Clinton has won the primaries in Texas, while Sen. Obama the caucus. Taking these into consideration, both of them are executing their last resort for a comeback- to criticize each other to the maximum [I am beginning to wonder if their statements have a second derivative that is less than zero; bad joke]. The point being that we have started having Jib Jab videos not between Sen. Obama/Sen. Clinton vs. Sen. McCain, but between Obama and Clinton itself. The perfect timing for a full throttle attack between the two sides. Their Jib Jab’s are ludicrous, forehead smashing, truly satirical; personally this is the best one out of all of them, To say the least, the election has spewed so much bad talk; you wait for the media to highlight the day’s best.

But for all of you who are remotely interested in who’s going to win the Democratic nomination, here is where we are stalled right now [as of results after the Texas and Ohio Primaries, (10th March)]. Both candidates need 2025 delegates to secure the nomination
  1. Obama has a total of 1,500.5 delegates, making it 74.1% of the 2,025 delegates. Even though he lost the popular vote in Texas, he did win the caucus.
  2. Clinton, on the other hand from her initial lead, has moved down second to 1,394 delegates, 68.8% of the 2,025 delegates. Though, I do have to add that she is leading the superdelegate count with a 188.5 vs. Obama’s 159.5 [Data courtesy of the New York Times]

All I can say is, it's time for them to stop bickering about each other and get to the end result. I can’t wait for the Jib Jab videos between the Democratic nominee and John McCain. Hands rubbing in glee….


Vikram said...

nice one Shreyasee.... i really wanna see it go tight with the super-delegates too.. its weird that the Oba-Hil bicker has been hyped to this level while MaCain gets little footage. i wonder if it plays against him at the presidential elections!

Kranti said...

check out the videos :)


Thanks Vikram. I hardly thing its playing against McCain, though it is quite early to make a statement like that. The only justification behind that is that Sen. McCain is sitting back and having fun, since for him it is currently a clear road. Only after August, its gonna be hectic for him. He'll have his chance on the chopping block soon. Just wait and watch ;)