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F for FASHION By Barath Lakshmanan (Nov 07)

DISCLAIMER: This article WILL NOT improve your vocabulary or increase your penchant for the literature. It will not have words that can be used among the “hip” crowd to make you popular. This will just be an impromptu attempt to share whatever I know and also to beat my stress (Yeahhh Rrrite). Oops and more importantly, this is primarily because I am expected to contribute something to GISO, being the roommate of its president (read “Dada”).

SPL DISCLAIMER: Here F is only for Fashion and not for “....” for all you perverts reading this and this picture is not that shady as you think!!!

Just when you think assignments and exams are eating away your time, why would you even want to waste your time thinking about how you well you dress??. Uhhhh common! Then why on earth are you reading the third line of something you don’t even wanna know??? Yeahhh, so this is for all the non- hypocrites who believe in the adage that looking the part is very important. Naaaahh I am not talking about being a Jlo’s in“Love don’t cost a thing” or having the most talked about Shahrukh Rukh Khanistic 6 packs in “Om Shanti Om” but just someone who will not be mocked at.

With the summers heat just fading away and heaven’s gentle showers pouring (Damn!!!! Why am I not able to coin a proper season or a definite weather condition? CURSE TEXAS!!!), I will not be able to typecast with any set style.

Well anyway, being a desi doesn’t help, does it? We will not be able to wear our very own “desi styled clothes”. If you are dreaming about Kajol in a white mini in the rainy “Mere Khwabon mein jo ” in DDLJ (See the embedded video), GISO is condemning it! Why dint I agree to write about fashion in movies instead? I could have a lot more to write about like” Hrithik’s and Aamir’s “Dhoom 2” and “DCH” style, the doe eyed Shriya’s “Sivaji-The Boss” clothes or Surya’s “Ghajini” look, Nagarjuna’s awesome style sense in “Super” and so on. (Did you notice that I was diplomatic in catering to all the audiences of Hindi, Tamil and Telugu???). Why is that we always restrict ourselves with this regional divide??? Why can’t we all say “Chak De India” even we are not watching the 20-20 world cup??? Noooo I am digressing!

Ok, you must have been really disappointed with the fact that the first two paras were not productive in terms of the tips. Don’t worry; you will be fortunate enough to read all my articles in the coming issues.

F for GIRLS: It is always thought that you are relatively more creative than guys. The premier dogma is the willingness to experiment. Be creative and having a penchant to try something different. We are here in a country where the person sitting next to you gives a rat’s ass. So just be you and try out different things (not just clothes, even professionally). You may want to experiment with the magic of the most celebrated color of the blondes, yeah you guessed it right. It is indeed pink. Another color that is being termed as the next black for this season is the shine. The silverish shade is what I am talking about. But for obvious reasons, it is not plausible for the school use. For the serene women, try green. You may want to get “V” necked tops and complement it with some earthly colored tanks.

You might also want to experiment white with the green. It is fresh and gives a very pleasant look. Don’t worry about the brands here; you will not have snobs sniffing around you. But for the brand conscious few, you will definitely want to own a few of Abercrombie and Fitch (A&F), Guess, Prada, Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole, DKNY and a lot more. Common dudes, they are ambitious and distant dreams for graduate students like us.

F for GUYS: We are relatively more creative than the girls though they are thought to be so. Hahaha( A wicked one!). So lets use some of our creativity and move ourselves forward. Since this is the early stages of the semester, most of you will tend to get interview calls. So for pete’s sake, dress up for the occasion. It will not be apt for you to go in your normal pair of denim with and an unkempt tee. Please make an attempt to look decent. You will know your strengths. So if can carry it off, you may want to wear a normal denim with a polo. Shoes are a must! It will look extremely unprofessional otherwise. How many of you guys see men who work in the school with sandals??? I haven’t seen that many. I will strongly recommend you against it. If you think formals are a better option, you are wise and playing it safe. Who knows you might just end up getting that job. (Obviously not because of your clothes). I will definitely write about the comfortable school wear later in the coming articles. Since a lot more girls seem to have gotten the GATF jobs, I just thought that this is an important issue now.

I sign off here. N yeah before I forget, be creative for Parichay. The Mr. and Ms. Parichay will be crowned. As I had mentioned, you don’t have to really look like models but you could just pull it off with √©lan with your dress sense and attitude.

- Barath Lakshmanan

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