Thursday, February 21, 2008

Message from the editor, August 15th , 2007

Why does GISO need a newsletter? It’s because GISO as an organization has successfully planted itself as an umbrella for all Indian students in UH. Because now a platform was needed where an Indian Graduate student could share his American experience with everyone. Because its is high time every GISO member stays in sync with the activities that are taking place
under GISO. Due to these compelling reasons, the newly elected GISO committee ,under the leadership of Srinath Iyer, has decide to throw the hat into the ring and come up with " Dautya " in such short notice. And no better day to launch it than India's 60th Independence day. A day which instills a profound feeling of love towards India because we , here in US , miss it more than anyone else even though Houston and especially UH has become our home away from home.

"Dautya" is going to be a monthly edition so that we grad students will be able to squeeze out some time and come up with some interesting articles for our readers. As an editor, I am going to cajole all members of GISO to contribute and I am not ruling out harassment to get the job done. The newsletter would include articles which are of importance to all Graduate students in UH. From general GISO news to interesting articles like "Ancient Indian Mathematicians" and to more usable fashion and cooking tips, "Dautya" would soon surely gain acceptance from GISO members and would actually help in making GISO more active and responsible.

The first ever copy of "Dautya" is a paper print-out but further editions would be in a much friendlier PDF format. So guys, buckle up and watch out for this space !
-V.Kranti Kumar

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