Thursday, February 21, 2008

Macgregor Masala, TOMATO RICE August 15th, 2007

(how to cook for hungry bachelor’s in ten minutes) By Barath Lakshmanan
Ingredients Required
(quantity based on number of people and availability of resources)
Tomatoes medium size
Salt Acc To Taste
Chilli Powder
Garam Masla Powder
Mustard seeds
Cook the Rice & let it Cool.
Heat the Oil in the Pan & add mustard seeds.
When it starts spluttering add Onions , fry till translucent.
Add ginger ,tomatoes , salt,tumeric & keep stirring.
When Everything is mixed together add all the dry masala powders.
Let it cook; keep stirring frequently. When the tomatoes are cooked add the Rice & combine.
Eat it before all the hungry bachelors of macgregor invade your kitchen.

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