Thursday, February 21, 2008

HARRY N ME By Ankur Shukla (Nov 07)

When I look back, it seems not long ago when I graduated. It was the year 2005. The year when the dream of a peaceful and cheerful student life came to an end. Well not exactly end, but sure a changeover. 2005: there are so many things that are associated with the year. Friends, good friends, best friends, parting friends. 2005 was the year when I stepped out from the shadows of my protective family. It happens to be the year when I stepped in my first professional shoes. 2005 was the year when a slowly fading animosity ultimately blossomed to a great and cherished friendship.

It was the year when I got my first ever salary. It happens to be the year when after a long and dreadful time I felt so good. 2005 also happens to be the year when Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (HBP) was released.

Now don’t jump to conclusions!! This write-up is not a review of the great epic and cult which I follow and revere. Writing about Harry Potter will take pages from my side. I remember when my graduation was nearing, how I felt. There was a feeling of anxiety and trepidation around. I had chosen to stay in India for an eon of experience in spite of some really good academic offerings from USA. Some of my friends were going abroad and I often felt weather I made the correct decision? It was during that time I started reading Harry Potter. The amazing story of the boy wizard held me captivated. I remember 16th July 2005 very clearly. I woke up early in the morning (having already graduated, sleep was much extended and a great alternative to kill time those days until I join for my job). I dressed in anxiety and took half breakfast. I just rushed to the book store to get my hands on the first day copy of HBP. I was thrilled to have it. It took just three days to finish the 750 page novel. I used to read it all day long very meticulously as if I was a part of the plot and was trying hard to solve the well woven mystery. Harry has been part of my life since that time and my ultimate refuge from the mundane world (of muggles!!). The book ended at a cusp. I just couldn’t wait for the next book. I still remember that I made a pledge to my friend that I will read the next book in USA. He laughed at it and so did I.

It was then I decided that I will apply again in the US University. Well I cannot say that Harry is the sole reason I decide to come to US (I wanted it since long) but definitely a big turnover in decision making.

As the midnight approached this July 20th, I got ready and went to the book store. I was there enjoying a Harry Potter party. After all it was the release of the Last book (next after HBP) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I am here in Houston and when I bought the book roughly after 27 mins of its worldwide release (0001Hrs 21st July 2007), I felt the goose bumps and it reminded me the pledge and a smile ran across my cheeks. Well I am in USA ( and so is my friend). As I fulfilled my pledge, so did Harry in giving me an amazing story and a beautiful ending to the epic series. It took my about 2 days to finish off the book (780 Pages). Well I m not being pompous but J K Rowling actually thanked “me” in the opening credits of the book. Seriously you can see it for yourself!! It does make me feel good. I know that Harry is not coming back again but these 7 books have changed things around me magically. Thanks for sticking by Harry!!!

- Ankur Shukla

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