Thursday, February 21, 2008


A Humorous anecdote by Kranti Kumar
Come fall and students enter UH in thousands. Nothing changed in that statistic even this year. But this time students from India decided to enter UH in hunderds.160 to be exact. Not impressed? Considering the fact that last year the total of 75 itself was a record high and that GISO provides free pick up from the airport and also free accommodation to almost anyone who has the common sense of filling out a simple pick-up request form on GISO's website. Or don’t consider my consideration .Go and meet Vijay Jaina and Anup. Poor guys who probably have stared more into the Excel sheets ,containing the pick-up list, than the developers of MS Office ever did.( How Vijay Jaina and Anup got sucked into this is not entirely known. But before they were assigned the job, the president was seen roaming around looking for members who have experience working on MS Excel, for a simple task.)

Jokes apart, the whole pick-up event has literally drained all the energy out of everyone who have been involved right from the Excel sheet managers to the pick-up men (couldn’t find a better word ) and to those who accommodated the newbies in their apartments. Everyone did their bit by pushing themselves to their limits. At one point of time, many member's apartments
were "filled" with at least 3 temps. But strangely, not all wanted to let go of the temps. Because that would only mean new temps would just barge in. GISO was grateful to its alumni, for the alumni played its part in picking up the newcomers from the airport. The same cant be said about the present members who participated in the pick-ups. Because rumors were rife that some of them were actually practicing driving on the freeway by making the newcomers’ bakras. But one thing did not change. Even this year the pick-ups were full of drama, action and emotion. Right from the pick-up man who was afraid that more parts of his brand new 2nd hand car would "fall down" during the pickups to the scene in one of the apartments went all the temps went to bath by pulling the curtain out of the bath-tub (which almostflooded the restroom ).But the worst of all was that of the loudly announced and celebrated "Last pick up of Fall 2007" which proved to be a dud as that student didn’t actually belong to our school but to UH, Clear Lake. A small lapse by the Excel sheet managers left the pick-up man stranded in the airport for more than 3 hours. He apparently ran from pillar to post at the airport trying to unearth the elusive Mr.Lastpickup. So what would be the situation next year? I think it would have been a simpler task this year itself if Mr. President would have listened to loud noises from some quarter of the GISO members. Rent a bus, make everyone come on the same date to Houston. Install a tent out side the International arrivals where the Excel sheet guys would be sitting and confirming the arrival of everyone. Surely this would have made the pick-ups a picture event

And this article would have made it to
The Houston Chronicle instead of only "Dautya". Is the next would be president noting down this point ?

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