Thursday, February 21, 2008


I start this article by requesting all of you to forget the title of this article. That's the result of a marketing tactic that I am trying to implement to attract attention. If you are still reading it, it means that it worked. If you are thinking of stopping to read this article, read on for some very insightful thoughts that will help you in the long run. Parichay has always been the informal traditional welcome that we in GISO give to our new members. No matter how easy and casual it seems, there is a lot of time and effort put into it. I take this opportunity to thank all those hardworking souls who really wanted a smooth show to go through. Well, now that I have seen through the formal first few lines, let me brief all the dear readers as to what really went on behind the scenes.

We had to see to it that the least number of students were busy and finalize a date based on that. Then we realized that we are all grad students (and typically grad students make there generally free times look busy, which made us realize that the date was irrespective! After long discussions, we came up with September 22nd (actually we did not have a long discussion, Houston room was available on that date).

We had a tough time in assigning roles and responsibilities to everyone as everyone was interested in taking responsibility for food. Especially when they came to know that Udipi was providing the food. ?“ Just kidding!! Girish was assigned the lovely task of listening to people sing!! Kranti and Raashi were responsible for the 2 dance performances. Mihir and I were really busy with the sponsorship part and selling of food coupons. We therefore were in the oblivion when it came to the actual show (well…that does not matter as I have full faith in my team…and
they proved my faith right with the lovely performances that they displayed on such a short practice duration. Credit especially goes to Kranti who kept people motivated and to make them dance all night. He for a change burnt the midnight oil for something non-academic and was also helping out people who were preparing for the skit (unfortunately that did not work out due to lack of time). Mihir and I were meeting people, inviting students who were not aware of the time and date. It was great to see Mr.Ramesh Anand being with us on such a short notice and sharing a few words. I need to thank him (and Satish Rao of Udipi) a lot for making sure that Udipi gave us great food for a really good deal. I was extremely pleased to see such active participation and involvement from the new students, which makes me believe that I will be handing over responsibilities of GISO to a really deserving team next year. Such an event has given the team further encouragement to conduct lots of interesting events that were not there previously. Once such testimony is the presence of this very newsletter. I am happy to see so many articles and requests from people (many of which we were not able to provide in this issue). I know that I have not thanked many people who deserve it, but try to adhere to the famous saying ..."There were two kinds of people: those who do the work and those who take the credit, try to be in the first group; there is much less competition there" Now that you have read the whole article, I can happily say that I fooled you when I said that I would be giving some very insightful thoughts that will help you in the long run. That is another marketing strategy that has worked!!! Actually, you can try this marketing strategy somewhere in the near future, but not on me!!!!

-Srinath Sathyamurthy

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