Thursday, February 21, 2008

Independence Day Poem, August 15th , 2007

The smell of earth remains in our minds,
The chirping of the birds flitters around our heads,
Of morning prayers and aged soldiers walking brisk,
The pay respect without a flinch,
Dogs, cows and goats sniff the air,
Our land is home for these to bear,
Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati sparkle thou abode of our Gods.
Our fathers fought bringing us liberty,
This mother of ours remains unconditional to our love,
Our love must grant we to thee,
Stopped by none must be we,
Hold our heads up high and salute,
For none other will give us retreat.

Bless our Kashmir for its courage,
Bow before our waters,
Raise our heads in respect for the Taj,
Spread our wings and fly like the Himalayas,
Stand undefeated like the earth.

Its bountiful states, languages and cultures,
They hold together teeming with billions,
We still stay strong with best of all worlds,
Maintaining our identity stronger than most,
From food to music, there's not one that can surpass.

I wish you on your 60th,
Go on forever and crumble all obstacles,
Combine the ways of our fathers fight,
To help our children live in peace,
Maintain your elegance with no chagrin.
God bless you mother and by none be humbled.

Jai Hind

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